Visual Geometry Pages with JavaView

TorusFlow_Anim_sml.gif (174 KB)

Branching of the geodesic flow at a conjugate point.

Visual Geometry Pages are an online geometry site illustrating problems from differential geometry and mathematical visualization using applets, images, animations, and Java software. The main focus lies on the possibility to interact with geometries and the corresponding mathematical problems while studying the topics. The reader can investigate selected topics in geometry in a multimedia environment and get experimental insight beyond classic written textbooks.

Platonic Solids Regular Platonic solids and its cousins in space forms.
Surfaces Classic surfaces in differential geometry.
Curves on Surfaces Classic curves on smooth surfaces.
Minimal Surfaces Minimal surfaces and soap films
CMC Surfaces Constant mean curvature surfaces
Klein Bottle Construction of non-orientable surfaces.
Harmonic Maps Harmonic maps on polyhedral surfaces.

Quickly evaluate explicitly given formulas (external links to JavaView homepage):

Type a Curve Type the equations of your favorite curve.
Type a Surface Type the equations of your favourite surface.
Study ODEs Type and study ordinary differential equations.
Root Finder Type a function and find its roots.

The interactive applets of the Visual Geometry Pages use JavaView, an interactive viewer for 3D geometries and a numerical software library. Just like inserting an image or a video into an HTML page, JavaView displays interactive geometries inside web pages. This allows the reader to interactively turn around the models and apply advanced visualization techniques, as well as, additionally, to experiment with sophisticated mathematical algorithms. Further demos and tutorial for writing own applets, see the JavaView homepage

Work on the Visual Geometry Pages is in progress ....

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